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Spa - Wellness - Beauty

Our spa concept Salzano Spa, has a relaxing area with a lot of natural light. Our design offers warm and natural material. Experience the water and the heat yourself. All these elements activate the balance and spend harmony for body and soul.




Let yourself go…
enjoy being cosseted and the sensation of inner peace and you’ll soon find physical balance.

– after Sport to the recovery and relaxation
– for the general well-being and for “filling up”
– or as preventing measure

Stretching poses and the use of pressure techniques along key energy lines improve the flow of blood to your skin, firm the connective tissue and ease muscular tension. Boost your immune system and recharge your batteries.

Unwind yourself and get treated by our professional massage therapist.

A massage can loosen tention and blockades and the bodys own strengh gets reactivated. A treatment for body and soul.

With the patented Permanent Contour® steam unit (Europat.) – winner of the European Health & Spa Award – soothing facial and partial body treatments and full body treatments are possible. Perfectly steamed and evenly temperature- controlled herb poultices are carefully guided over the body and give the guest the feeling of being gently touched by a warm hand. Body treatments, treatments for spiritual well-being or beauty treatments: the possibilities are endless with Permanent Contour®, depending on what poultice or pack is used.

Alpine Herbs: spicy-fresh fragrance. Contains elderflower, crystal salt. Promote circulation, boosts the metabolism refreshes skin, uplifting, relaxing and balancing.
Wine: gently refines the skin texture
Beer: calming and soothing
Wheat bran: Clarifying, anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturizing.
Apple: moisturizing, stimulate metabolism, Anti-aging effect, keeps free radicals in check, and lifts.
Rose: Asringent and antiviral,  harmonizing, balancing, uplifting and nourishing.

Permanent Contour Face
Promotes blood flow, encourages the metabolism, smoothes or refreshes – according to applied pads this treatment can act differently. It leaves you with a pleasant feeling and touchably smooth skin on your face and décolleté.

Activating, relaxing, for a smooth complexion
25 minutes | CHF 70.–

Permanent Contour Relax Emotion
For Body and soul

Herbal stamp massage according to the 4-elements teachings – fire, water, earth, air. The aim of this treatment is to cater specifically to each guest’s character and to bring body and soul back into harmony.

Warm oil runs over the therapist’s hands on to the body, is spread slowly and is massaged into the skin. The herbal scent unfolds and moves the guests into deep relaxation. The warm massage pad glides over the body’s outline and smells wonderful. Let go, forget the stress, be spoilt – it has never been so easy.

50 minutes | CHF 110.– Stamp yon your choice

Permanent Contour Body Packs
Herbs ans Swiss Pine

The relaxing body packages can be added to a cosmetic treatment or done separately. The steam warms the body, releases essential oils and the fragrances help to relax.

Scents arouse memories and emotions faster than any other stimulus because they go from the nose straight to the limbic system and start to work before we are even aware of it. The combination of heat, the soft touch of the massage pads and massage provides an extraordinary relaxation experience for the body and the soul.

For toned legs
This treatment smoothes the skin and reduces the legs´ circumference and steams the problem areas – for a slim silhouette and a great appearance. Perfect, before you go out in the evening.

Heat promotes blood flow and loosens the tissue. Steam opens the pores and accelerates the intake of nourishing oils and natural herbal ingredients. The gentle massage also loosens tense muscles.
45 minutes | CHF 90.–

Soft-Pack System® – Body wraps

Relax in an almost weightless state
A highly effective full body treatment plus cosy warmth, subdued light and moisturising oils or cremes, herbs, moor mud, algae, flowers or leaves that work their magic on the skin: that’s the best way to describe the Soft-Pack® System.

Alpine Herbs
: Promote circulation, boosts the metabolism
Fango: Relaxes the muscles, promotes blood circulation
Hay: stimulates the metabolism, detoxifies, soothes
Flowers: Muscle-relaxing and mobility-enhancing
Moor mud: in rheumatic conditioned malaise in the non-acute state

Pine: absolute relaxation for body, mind and soul
Cleopatra: moisturizing for dry skin
Balm: promotes soothing relaxation for a good sleep
Men: revitalizing dry and sensitive men’s skin
Rose: harmonizing and caring for the dry skin
Truffle: the ultimate experience for your well-being
Goat cream: regenerating for the very dry skin

Please book your treatment via phone:
+41 (0)33 821 00 70 or via E-Mail


Get well pampered from head to toe from professional hands.
We offer individuall facial treatments, manicure, pedicure, hair removal preformed from our professional beautician.

Non hotel guests are also very welcome to get treated.

Facial treatments

  • „Complete“ for woman
    Cleansing, peel, eyebrow shaping, deep cleansing, massage, serum, maske, hand massage, final skin-care treatment
    85 minutes | CHF 148.—
  • „Basic“ for woman or men
    Cleansing, peel, deep cleansing, massage or maske, serum, final skin-care treatment
    55 mimutes | CHF 110.—
  • „Complete“ for men
    Cleansing, peel, deep cleansing, nose- and ear-hair removel, massage , maske, seracial treatmentsum, final skin-care treatment
    70 minutes | CHF 125.—

Beauty Extras

Eyebrow shaping                       *CHF 20.—  |  **CHF 23.
Eyelash tinting                           *CHF 25.—  |  **CHF 28.—
Eyebrow tinting                         *CHF 20.—  |  **CHF 23.—
Eyelash/Eyebrow tinting         *CHF 43.—  |  **CHF 49.–


Manicure with massage without nail polish
25 minutes | CHF 47.—

Manicure with massage and nail polish
40 minutes | CHF 63.—

Wellness manicure „Absolut“ with peel, massage, mask
55 minutes | CHF 83.—

Pedicure with massage without nail polish
25 minutes | CHF 53.—

Pedicure with massage and nail polish
40 minutes | CHF 69.—

Wellness pedicure „Absolut“ with peel, massage, mask
55 Min. | CHF 89.—

Hair removal
Upper lip                     *CHF 19.—  | **CHF 22.–
Face                              *CHF 46.— | **CHF 49.–
Upper lip                      *CHF 19.— | **CHF 22.–
Face                              *CHF 46.—  | **CHF 49.–

For lady‘s (warm wax)

Legs full                          CHF 83.—
Legs partial                    CHF 48.—
Bikini line                       CHF 28.—
Armpits                           CHF 28.—
Arms                                CHF 35.—

* Prices for treatment | ** only treatment |
All prices include 7,7 VAT

All the possibilities you find here: Spa Broschüre

Day Spa

Entry fee for non Hotel guests

CHF 45
  • 1 DAY

CHF 38
  • 4 Hours

CHF 30
  • 2.5 Hours

Opening hours:
Daily from 2 pm until 9.30 pm – last entry at 8 pm
Lady morning:
Every thursday from 9 am until noon
2 Sauna-towels CHF 5.–
Bathrobe and 2 Sauna-towels CHF 14.–

SALZANO Hotel - Spa - Restaurant / Geschenk Gutscheine


Make someone happy with a voucher of our Hotel – Spa – Restaurant.

  1. Choose a voucher
  2. Print at home or get it sent by post
  3. Pay by invoice
Daily from 2 pm until 9.30 pm, last check in at 8 pm
2.5 h DAY SPA

Salzano Spa - History

After farsighted planning and considered action we made our vision into reality. We changed a part of our SALZANO BASIC ROOMS into a 450m2 spa with 4 different saunas, relaxing room, adventure showers and a ice fontain.


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